Relieving Gas and Stomach Pain in Newborns


Relieving Gas and Stomach Pain in Newborns

Does your baby fuss after feeding? Does your baby have a bloated belly or spit up excessively?

Before you begin remember to remove any jewellery and make sure that your hands are warm.

NOTE: First, babies are delicate and small. This is definitely not a deep tissue or sports massage experience. Keep your touch gentle and light.  If the baby has been diagnosed with any health issues, PLEASE consult a physician before massaging or manipulating the baby.

Reasons for gas and stomach pains in infants.

An Immature Digestive System

Unfortunately, for some babies gas is completely normal and inevitable due to their developing gut which is adjusting to digesting and processing food.

Baby Might Take In Extra Air While Breast or Bottle Feeding

While breastfeeding, there are a few things that could cause excess gas, one of which might be a poor latch.  If the baby has a poor latch, he will be sucking in air along with breast milk.

Mum's Diet

While it’s not common, there is always the possibility that certain foods in a breastfeeding mum’s diet can be bothersome to the baby. The top offenders are dairy, soy, nuts, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and rolex day date 36mm mens m128348rbr 0005 president bracelet cauliflower, eggs, wheat, chocolate and citrus.

Excessive Crying Can Lead To More Gas

Sometimes baby’s cry, apparently for no reason. When your baby cries, he inevitably swallows a large amount of air simultaneously, therefore becoming gassier.


Below are a few simple methods to help relieve the pressure. 

Knees-to-Chest / Squatting

Placing the baby in a lying position.

Gently bring their knees up towards their chest and hold for 3-5 seconds before gradually bring their legs back down.


Place the baby in a lying position.

Hold the legs in a half-bent position with your hands.

Gently begin to move the baby's leg as if he or she was riding a bicycle.

I love you massage

"I" "L"ove yo"U"

Using gentle but firm strokes begin by making a single "I" stroke on the left side (your right) of their stomach.

Stroke an upside-down "L" going from your left to right across the baby's belly, then continuing down the left side.

Finally make an upside-down "U".  Again going from your left to right.  Make sure you move in a clockwise motion.

Repeat several times in a row.

NOTE: This should not hurt the baby. If it looks like it hurts a little try using less pressure.


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