Day After Day

StandInBaby® will integrate right into your everyday studio life, enabling you to …

  • Carefully plan and prepare so every session runs smoothly.
  • Beta test props and their posing possibilities
  • Learn new infant wrapping techniques
  • Illustrate complex newborn poses to your clients and their children
  • Introduce SIB™ to nervous or anxious older children before attempting poses with the newest edition to their family
  • Concept manage your creative ideas prior to the session
  • Take your SIB™ shopping to ensure your newly acquired prop is appropriate to your concept
  • design new composite posing solutions in Photoshop
  • Master or experiment with new lighting techniques
  • Ensure elderly clients are capable of particular poses prior to shooting (especially in cases of Arthritis and joint problems)
  • Incorporate SIB™ into your workshops and online tutorials to illustrate each step of the process more clearly