Are you looking to teach online workshops to increase your profit margins?  Perfect!  StandInBaby® allows you to break down each step of the process and point out tips and tricks as you go.  Plus you can maximise your time by no longer having to do a model call out or give away a free shoot with fully edited images.   All you need is a camera and StandInBaby®.   Take SIB® outdoors and explain what you look for in an outdoor environment.  Discuss natural and studio lighting techniques or camera setup and lens choice, without ever needing a baby to use as an example.

Do you want to stand out by offering your students a “hands on” experience at your in person workshops?  Imagine correcting their poses and explaining the step by step process in a way each participant can easily understand.    How good would it be gaining piece of mind that each and every person that attends your workshop, is leaving with the skills they need for safe newborn handling, setup and posing.  Imagine knowing you made a difference.