Flexible Learning

Take control of the learning process. In YOUR time and at YOUR pace. Get hands on. Make mistakes. Make discoveries. Create something new.  Prefect it.  Master it. Then own it, when your clients arrive. This is your time to shine. Show them what you’re capable of.

Until now learning the art of newborn photography has been a long drawn out process.  Dictated by sleep schedules, feed times, babies temperament, possible medical conditions like colic and reflux and not to mention the dangers of training on a real baby.  And lets not forget that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re more likely to unsettle the baby before you even begin, leaving eager parents now disappointed with no photos to show for their time.   There is such a small window of opportunity when it comes to working with babies, mastering poses can take several months to get right.

Imagine if we could make all these limitations disappear? Imagine learning in your own time and at your own pace? Imagine eliminating the anxiety of parents looking over your shoulder and judging your every move.  Imagine being free to make mistakes without consequences and fast track your learning like never before.  StandInBaby® offers all of this and so much more.

Stand in baby photography training doll
Kelly Brown Doll StandInBaby
photography baby doll

Our posing and training aids will allow photographers to learn baby wrapping techniques with ease,  master camera and lighting setups like a pro and perfect the delicate craft of newborn posing, in their own time, at their own pace and without ever touching a real newborn baby.

Bringing the classroom to your lounge room!

Imagine watching your favourite YouTube tutorial or taking an online class with StandInBaby® at your fingertips.   You could practice what the instructor is teaching, as you watch!   StandInBaby® makes every online tutorial instantly interactive.  No more waiting on your next baby to arrive or forgetting what you learnt.   Master it now!

Don’t have a lot of time to learn?  Great!  With StandInBaby® you can get the most out of your time by learning where and whenever you are ready.   Plus you have the added bonus of not having clients questioning your every move.  Make mistakes, fumble, try something new, then perfect it all before your next newborn arrives, ensuring you are always in control, confident and ready to achieve professional results.