Inspire & Create

Branch out. You’re an artist, not an imitator. Find YOUR purpose. YOUR style. YOUR brand. Be seen in an overcrowded marketplace. Be known as the innovator, the creator, the pioneer of today’s newborn photography.  Show them something different. Show them what you’re capable of.  Build your audience. And be seen.  Don’t just take photos. Create the images you’ve always envisaged. Experiment. Play. Find your style. Create something completely new. Something never seen before.  Let our Siblings be your muse.

We have taken everything we know about newborn photography and applied it to StandInBaby®.  SIB™ is the average weight and size of a newborn baby, which means you can test props in new and even more creative ways.  Don’t just use the wood bucket upright.  See how it looks upside down, or on its side.  See how SIB™ fits and the appropriate poses for each position.  Does the prop need reinforcing to make it safe? or should it be taken as a composite image?  What happens to the image if I add some rim lighting to the rear? And what camera settings will really make this image pop?

Looking to purchase a new prop? Great! Let’s test it out with SIB™ before you buy.  Will it work with your style of photography? What poses suit this prop best?  Will it be safe? What composites could you do to create something truly different? Or maybe it just won’t work the way you wanted.  Even better, you’ve just saved yourself some money on a prop that didn’t suit your needs and regained much needed prop space!