Seek out new locations.  Discover beautiful light. Step beyond your previous photographic limits.  Create the unique. Be the voice. And find your passion. Let our SIBlings be your muse.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography and newborn photography is no different, which is why StandInBaby’s camera ready finish has been designed specifically to test lighting and how it naturally falls and disperses on your set or in your environment .  StandInBaby® also comes in two skin colour options, Caucasian and African American, allowing you to test lighting on different skin tones.

Stand in baby photography training doll
Kelly Brown Doll StandInBaby
photography baby doll

Are your images flat or have they become boring over time? Want to try out new lighting but don’t have enough time to “play” when your baby is a sleep? SIB™ is perfect for discovering new lighting techniques and really making your images come to life.  In studio environments you can move the lights around and increase or decrease as needed, taking photos and seeing the effect each lighting set up has on your subject all with no time limit. Trial and error is the best way to learn.  Natural light photographers are able to move their props around until the lighting falls just the way you intended, this is especially perfect when working in your clients homes.  Use SIB™ to find the perfect light, set up your props and test camera settings all while mum settles baby.

Working outdoors? StandInBaby® is a must have for all outdoor newborn photographers.  Find your location, position your props, check safety conditions, test the natural light and work out the best lens, camera angles and exposure all before gently placing your baby into the scene.  Perfect the image in mere moments and then return baby to a warm comfortable place, ready for the next setup.