FREE Newborn Photography Wrapping Tutorial

The Evolution Wrap

A step-by-step walk through of the StandInBaby™ signature newborn photography wrapping technique
The Evolution Wrap“.

Create 12 amazing looks from 1 base wrap.
Achieve more images with less chance of unsettling the baby.

Stage One - The Evolution Base Wrap

~ You will need a stretchy wrap approximately  18″ x 60″ ~

Step 1

Place the baby in the wrap, ensuring that you have enough length on the shorter side to bring the wrap over the baby.

Step 2

Bring the baby's hands up to it's chest, then pull the shorter section of the wrap over the baby's body and tuck firmly underneath

Step 3

Tuck the baby's legs up to it's chest (in a way that is comfortable to the baby) then bring the long section of the wrap over the baby's shoulder, then around under the baby's bottom (supporting the legs) and back up toward the second shoulder.

Step 4

Gently lift up the baby and bring the wrap through. Ensure you go over both shoulders.

Step 5

Bring the wrap back across the baby's body, completely covering the hands and feet.

Step 6

Then once more, gently lift the baby and bring the wrap underneath. (Note the "Tail End")


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Stage Two - The Evolution Looks

Look 1

Take the "tail end" of the wrap and place it loosely over the baby's head and then back around the body

Look 2

Use the "tail end" of the wrap to go around the base of the baby

Look 3

Bring the top layer down to expose the baby's hands. Then use the "tail end" to wrap around the base of the baby

Look 4

Pull the first / top layer down to expose the baby's hands and feet. Hide the "tail end" underneath the baby.


Expose more or less of the baby's hands and feet to create different looks

Look 5

Bring the top layer down to expose the baby's hands (as in "Look 4"), then use the "tail end" to wrap loosely over the baby's head.

Look 6

Bring the top layer down to expose the baby's hands (as in "Look 4"), then use the "tail end" to create a trail.

Look 7

Using "Look 6" turn the baby on it's side and extended both feet and 1 arm further outside of the wrap.


Play with camera angles and baby posing to create different looks and styles.

Optimise your studio workflow

Look 8

Using "Look 7" hide the "tail end" underneath the baby and then expose both arms.

Look 9

Using "Look 8" find the "tail end" to wrap loosely over the baby's head and back around the side of the baby's body.


Don't for get to play!!

Look 10

Following on from "Look 8 or 9" take the "tail end" and gather it over the shoulder of the baby and through the legs, finish by tucking the wrap back underneath the baby's body.

Look 10 Examples

These styles will easily adapt to many different props. Add beanies and tiebacks to complete the look. It's time to get creative.

Look 11

Following on from "Look 10" bring the "tail end" back out and create a trail.

Look 12

Following on from "Look 11" Gather the wrap underneath the baby's arms and pull through the legs in the same way you did in "Look 10"

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  1. Evelyn on April 14, 2017 at 10:17 pm

    I used this wrapping technique on my last session this week…. What a game changer and I wish I would have known this sooner ! Thank you so much Sandra for sharing this with us ! Your constant support to help improve the skills of newborn photographers all over the world is very much appreciated…HUGE thank you from Calgary
    And for everyone doubting about purchasing a StandinBaby…. DO IT !!! It is my best purchase in a long..long time. I test all my setups and outfits, my wrapping techniques…literary my complete session if I have not uses it before and I go into each session so confident…. my sessions go smooth and so much faster than before.

    Again…. HUGE thank you !

  2. Jennifer Ngo-Sibi on July 26, 2017 at 9:33 am

    What is the average measurement of this wrap used?

    • Jennifer Ngo-Sibi on July 26, 2017 at 9:43 am

      It’s 18 x 60″. 🙂

  3. focusonportraits on May 19, 2020 at 4:27 pm

    This wrapping is not as easy as it looks – I think my wrap may be a tictch to short but I will persevere.
    Thank goodness for this tutorial as I have time to practice.
    Great video for learning.
    Many thanks for your help and support

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