Posing Pillow

Posing Pillows

Super compact, light weight, ultra durable and fire resistant.

These are the “must have” portable accessory for every newborn photographer. 

Loved by Photographers.

These compact and lightweight posing beanbags go anywhere.  So it's no surprise they have been adopted by photographers around the world.   Working in small spaces like hospital rooms or client homes has never been so easy.

small travel beanbag for newborn photograph
mini travel beanbag for photography
Newborn Photography posing beanbag

Greater support through our stretch technology

Our Posing Pillows are sourced from high quality, durable materials that are custom designed to stretch and contour perfectly to your baby’s shape during posing.

Which means that once filled correctly our Posing Pillows require less under blanket padding to obtain the basic newborn poses like hands under chin and froggy than most other beanbags on the market. Our Beanbags provide greater support to the baby by moulding to the baby's shape, removing pressure from their hips, knees and lower back, ensuring a more comfortable posing surface.


Posing bean bag

Our Posing Pillows have been specifically designed to be the smallest possible size, without restricting your usable posing area.  Allowing you to work wherever the best light is … On a bed using the pillows or bedhead to support the backdrop, at a dining table using the chairs for backdrop support or even on a couch using the backrests for support.

photography travel beanbag for newborn photographers

Fall in love

• Perfect for creating composites, where arms or legs need to dangle over the edge.

•  Ideal for extra cushioning in props to supply just the right amount of  padding and support

• A great on-location accessory.  Small enough to fit anywhere but large enough to achieve every pose with ease. 

Watch as our Posing Pillow is put through it's paces ...

Our Posing Pillows fit twins

Newborn photography beanbag with photography doll
StandInBaby posing beanbag for Newborn photographers

Newborn posing guide book.

See everything.  From what's under the blanket, to each detailed step, to what you need to know in Photoshop.