Advanced Posing

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A Step by Step Illustrated Guide, for Newborn Photographers

Our 79 page step-by-step illustrated guide is your cheat sheet to achieving and editing advanced newborn poses. 

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Award winning Photographer, Sandra Moffatt guides you though her advanced step-by-step posing and editing techniques to confidently & safely achieve advanced poses with full support and minimal impact on your baby.

What’s in this book.

Step by Step illustrated instructions to creating ….


The Daydreamer Pose
The Taco Pose
The Advanced / Traditional Froggy Pose
The Potato Sack Pose

The Hanging Pose
Newborn Care & Safety in a Studio Environment


PLUS … Step by Step illustrated instructions for Photoshop, including how to use…

The Pen Tool

The Quick Selection Tool
The Magic Wand Tool
The Lasso Tools
Colour Range Selections
The Select & Mask Tool
Removing unwanted objects
The Content-Aware Tool
Helpful Tips
The Patch Tool
The Spot Healing Brush
Advanced Tips
Extending Backgrounds

Content-Aware Scale
Editing The Potato Sake Pose
Editing The Hanging Pose

Combining 2 Images
Blanket Fades






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