Technical Info

StandInBaby® is the result of over two years research and development, in conjunction with some of the leading engineers in Australia. Never before has a newborn training aid been weighted, sized and articulated this close to a true to life newborn baby. The secret to SIB’s advanced articulation is in our  unique ball joint design.  This was developed by the amazing design team at CMD by overlaying StandInBaby® with real newborn baby X-rays.  Featured in several locations in SIB’s design, the unique concept allows joints to move in a relaxed (sleep like) fashion, yet stops the movement when required to mirror a newborn babies limitations.

StandInBaby® is designed to match an average sized newborn baby. SIB™ is 50cm in length and has a simulated weight of 7lbs with all the weight distributed in the right areas. The head holds a large portion of SIB’s entire weight and has a diameter of 36cm just like a true to life newborn. The hands are 7cm long and CMD even went as far as using a real newborn baby’s foot print to replicate the 7cm long foot.

We care about newborn safety, which is why all our SIBlings™ are made from BPA free, non toxic and fire resistant materials.  In the manufacturing process each screw is fitted with high strength thread locking compound to ensure SIB™ stays free of choking hazards. StandInBaby® is made from Washable/Hygienic materials and we are proud to say,  SIB™ meets our highest of safety standards.