Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

StandInBaby® will redefine you and your business. What your clients say and who they recommend. It will redefine how your business grows, how your art evolves. And ultimately, where you end up.  Seek to be the story teller, the visionary, the voice of today’s newborn photography world.  Don’t stand still. Let your passion drive you to new heights.  StandInBaby® will take you there.

If you are in the beginning stages of becoming a newborn photographer, SIB™ will have your studio up and turning over a profit faster then ever before. No longer are you waiting for the next baby to arrive or giving away free shoots until you feel you are ready. We believe StandInBaby® will reduce the time dramatically.

Experienced newborn photographers have always struggled to expand their business and StandInBaby® is about to change that forever.  Conduct interviews with SIB™ and see the applicants skills in real time.  Allowing you to make decisions faster and with more certainty. Imaging then being able to hone their skills, to match your studios unique style in days not months, without giving away free shoots for them to practice on.

Have you considered growing your business and mentoring the next generation but a little hesitant about taking the plunge. Teaching the art of Newborn Photography has never been this easy, purchase multiple SIB’s and show your students hands on with no risk of injury. Slow the process down into steps of small movements and repeat just like learning a dance. This training method has been used for hundreds of years and is now possible in our industry.

With StandInBaby® as part of your team you will stand out from the competition. Whether it’s because you incorporate safe newborn practices or just because you now have a style like no other. SIB™ will take your studio from nothing to something or something to extraordinary.