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Ana Brandt newborn photographer from the USA
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Standinbaby review
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StandinBaby review
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Aly Rodgers

"As a prop-vendor without access to babies it is always hard to turn your designs or set-up ideas into reality." Since my SIB, Georgia arrived I have been practicing my wrapping techniques which are slowly improving (must remember the Three P’s….practice practice practice!) As a prop-vendor without access to babies it is always hard to turn your designs or set-up ideas into reality.  But by practicing with my SIB,  I am now working out which layers work better together and which wraps look fabulous, used in conjunction to give texture. A major benefit as a prop-vendor is using my SIB so that togs can see how my goodies will look in use and then visualise on a real baby. Going forward SIB has changed the way I will promote my range of wraps and bonnets and I am looking forward to many many hours of SIB fun.  Thank you to Sandra and Brendon for creating a truly remarkable teaching tool/aid. Aly Rodgers ~  Facebook

Lynda Smith

"I am grateful to be a proud owner of SIB" Hello my name is Lynda I am the owner of LS Photography.  The StandInBaby (SIB) has had a big impact on my business. I am able to show siblings how to hold their new brother or sister by using the SIB.  It is wonderful that this baby is weighted and floppy like a newborn baby, this helps to let the siblings know they have to support their brother or sister when I place them in their arms.  I also use SIB when helping parents with their poses.  I am amazed at how I and my clients treat the SIB as if it were a real baby.  I also make a lot of my own props and having the SIB around allows me to check the sizing instead of having to wait for a live baby to come in the studio just to find out I needed to make something a little bigger or smaller.  We don’t stop there, we also use the SIB to test new lighting techniques, poses, and to photograph props for the best angles etc.  I am grateful to be a proud owner of SIB.  I believe this is going to make the newborn photography industry a safer place for newborns.  Thank you for for all your hard work Sandra and Brendon Moffatt Lynda SmithLS Photography

Claire Elliott

"This is just one time SIB comes to the rescue." From the arrival of the SIB at the door right up cradling her in my arms was full of excitement, and it hasn’t gone yet. Being a newborn photography trainer, safety and baby handling is paramount to all my teaching processes. Many of my newborn photography students aren’t mums and dads themselves yet and can feel very nervous on arrival to the training venue with anxieties of holding a newborn some for the first time. This is just one time SIB comes to the rescue.  Having the weighted Stand in Baby product to hand to my students to handle and move around gives them a feel of how the real baby will handle.  Something I couldn’t even think of doing before. For the same reasons I wrap the SIB and pose her with small siblings to give them the confidence for when their real brother or sister is passed to them.  With a quick swap from SIB to baby the whole sibling part of the session is over before they realise its even began. The SIB product is perfect for anyone starting out in newborn photography to use ALONGSIDE hands on training. For the established trained photographer, SIB is an amazing tool to try out new ideas, inspiration and posing techniques without the restrains of a live newborn session. The Stand In Baby should be part of every newborn photographer’s essentials kit. Claire Elliott ~ Photographer / Trainer / Mentor  Forever Memories by Claire

Renee Kawelo

"What SIB brings to the table is the same challenges I face with a real newborn." The versatility in the SIB is worth the money spent. I use my SIB to visually set up new backdrops and props, I also use the SIB to work on innovating new poses and compositions that I would normally need a real baby for. I am always concerned about safety issues that can arise but now the need is field with the SIB. I also use my SIB in creating a visual catalog of all the props I offer so I can streamline the processes of selecting props and backdrops and narrowing it down to what the client is willing to pay for. I also create my own props and now I have a baby to dress up for sizing and fit not to mention prop shopping and making sure that I am not spending unnecessary money on props that I cannot fit the baby in, on or under. The SIB is the only tool like it. It mimics the bending points and the looseness of the joints making it like a newborn.  It is NOT an easy version of a baby besides the SIB not crying or peeing on you. What the SIB brings to the table is the same challenges I face with a real newborn. Renee Kawelo ~ Specialising in newborns, Life’s Precious Destiny Photography

Jessica Barrett

"StandInBaby has made a huge difference in a short time" I am loving my SIB! Besides being fun to hold and adorable to look at, having SIB in my studio has been an amazing tool! I’ve been able to help nervous siblings and dads that are uncomfortable being in front of the camera. By handing them StandInBaby and showing them how I want them to hold their baby before integrating their tiny human into the shot, they relax and become easier to direct & photograph.   I have also used StandInBaby to test lighting & studio set ups. I’ve been able to pop into my studio late at night to practice positioning, wrapping & camera angles. Rather than waiting for a human model, I was able to work on my own schedule.    SIB is especially useful when planning out a session and helping potential clients choose their props in advance! I recently had a client that had a difficult time envisioning the set I was proposing… I set it all up, dressed SIB, took some quick cell phone images & sent them to her. She LOVED that. Because she was able to visualise the set, they bumped up their package and added another set up!   StandInBaby has made a huge difference in the short time I have had it- this is already proving to be a valuable investment in my business! xo Jessica Barrett ~ Jessica Barrett Photography
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