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StandInBaby® Digital PLUS Bundle

Original price was: $ 599.32.Current price is: $ 479.96.

StandInBaby® All inclusive Bundle

Original price was: $ 567.12.Current price is: $ 499.76.

StandInBaby® | Single

$ 434.92

StandInBaby® Romper Bundle

$ 455.72

StandInBaby® Book Bundle

$ 447.87

StandInBaby® Romper Book Bundle

$ 464.10

StandInBaby® Romper Book Beanbag Bundle

Original price was: $ 634.52.Current price is: $ 496.84.

StandInBaby® Book Beanbag Bundle

Original price was: $ 623.91.Current price is: $ 468.66.

StandInBaby Products

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StandInBaby® Digital PLUS Bundle

Original price was: $ 599.32.Current price is: $ 479.96.


StandInBaby® All inclusive Bundle

Original price was: $ 567.12.Current price is: $ 499.76.


StandInBaby® Romper

$ 25.96


StandInBaby® Romper Book Beanbag Bundle

Original price was: $ 634.52.Current price is: $ 496.84.

StandInBaby® is proudly used by

NSW Health-BlueMountains
Hospital - Logo Health Western
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Used, Loved & Trusted in 97 Countries with 18,600+ Community Members, 15,600+ Likes and countless★★★★★★★★★★ 5 star reviews


Jacqueline Myers

Acting CMC / Parent Educator/ RN | Women’s Health Neonatology & Paediatrics

Our 13 StandInBabies have arrived to their new home.

They arrived this morning and attended their ‘first’ childbirth and parenting education session.

What a hit they were!  The behaviour of the ‘new to-be parents’ changed completely with these life-like dolls.

Congratulations to the ‘StandInBaby® team’.

Your product is greatly received by RPA Parent Education.

The Lactation Team have been around to visit the new additions.

This will help so much with developing / arousing humane, nurturing behaviour for those about to be parents.

Thanks so much for your help.  

The only solution to simulation of newborn handling & joint manipulation

StandInBaby (SIB) is the world’s first and only newborn training aid with engineered joints that mirror range of movement of a real newborn baby.  Using newborn x-rays to overlay the foundation of the joints, SIB has been designed and developed in Australia then manufactured using high quality stainless steel joints and medical grade silicon skin.

Key Features

Proudly designed in Australia.

Constructed from high quality stainless steal and hygienic, non-toxic, eco friendly, food grade silicone.


Overextended Joint Protection™

All StandInBabies come with Overextended Joint Protection™. At any time the user overextends an arm or leg ball joint, the limb will simply pop off as opposed to breaking. Overextended Joint Protection™ allows mistakes to happen and be rectified by simply popping the joint back on. If realistic movements and poses are always maintained, this feature will not come into effect. 

  • 50 cm tall.
  • Stainless Steel Ball Joints.
  • Floppy like a sleeping baby.
  • Accurate wrist and ankle articulation.
  • Patented ball joint technology.
  • Head requires full support.
  • Head/Neck has a true-to-life range of motion.
  • Thread locking compound. Ensuring no choking hazards.
  • Weight in the 50th percentile.
  • durable, white clean surface.
*reference http://www.who.int/childgrowth/en

StandInBaby® Safety Ambassadors

Meet our incredibly talented StandInBaby® Safety Ambassadors from around the globe.

Hear from the Experts ...

“SIB invokes a natural instinct to nurture. I find myself treating SIB like a real newborn, rocking, positioning and cradling protectively. The weight distribution and articulated joints gives SIB a realm of simulated reality like no other. I’m both honoured and proud to be working with SIB to encourage, promote, review and improve newborn safety in a multitude of fields."

Courtney Underhill     Registered Nurse - NICU 



"I've worked in the hospital area since 2004 with mothers who have the HIV virus and their newborn babies"

"Good evening.  I am from Brazil and I have the StandinBaby, I bought the doll because I am a clinical nutritionist specializing in human physiology and neonatal physiology. I've worked in the hospital area since 2004 with mothers who have the HIV virus and their newborn babies. I bought the doll to work with my patients on the awareness of breastfeeding, the techniques of handholding, the positioning at the time of the feedings. And I'm in love with the doll. I also use it to teach physiology, anatomy, and immunology to my Newborn Workshop students who minister here in my town. I want to congratulate you for this fabulous tool that is the StandInbaby.

P.S .: I made an outfit for my SIB (Nina) with internal organs to demonstrate to the students better. I hope you enjoy. SIB is fantastic."

~ Deise Sedano Fotografia
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StandInBaby, newborn photography training tool, an unlikely export success

StandInBaby, founded by married couple Sandra and Brendon Moffatt in 2014, recently surpassed 1000 sales of its fully articulated newborn models. At $US850 ($1100) apiece...

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As Featured In...


Stand In Baby swims with the sharks on Shark Tank.

“Best investment ever!”

~ Teresa Compton Arthur

“I had my first run with them this week and I have to say, any doubts I had on my purchase are completely erased.”

~ Zoe Hiigli

“This has been the greatest tool so far!”

~ Sherry Blend Ibanez

“What you can achieve with SIB is beyond amazing, superbly crafted and thought out – a real investment”

~ Helen Stuart-Hill

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