How to Juggle Your Bouncing Baby and Business

Guest Post by Jenna Sherman

Getting a business off the ground while welcoming a new baby is a tall order, but when done right, the experience can be wonderfully rewarding for all. Just as you’ve likely done a tremendous amount of research in preparing for your business launch, you’ll probably look ahead to preparing for your baby’s arrival with even more enthusiasm. StandInBaby can be a lifelike help in this journey, particularly with regard to helping new parents learn basic baby handling techniques and best practices around infant safety.

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Getting Prepared
Having your business in good shape prior to your baby’s arrival will help ensure you’re not feeling the stress of managing two big life events at the same time. If you haven’t already done so, make a plan for how the company needs to operate during your downtime in the early days and weeks after childbirth. If you have a business and marketing agenda in place, make sure others in your company recognize key elements around project management and client services. Deputize someone you trust to act in your place if necessary. If there are areas that need an extra set of hands, line up well-qualified freelancers, especially for functions that can be done remotely or on a part-time basis, like photo editing, graphic design, and IT work.

Building Your Client Base
The Australian government has a host of resources that will help you get ahead of the curve by focusing on business building prior to your baby’s arrival. Wooing the client often requires personal in-person connection and availability, but once they’re on board, you can hand them off to senior staff or communicate via electronic means. If you’re still in the client-building phase of start-up, use the time leading up to and after your baby’s birth to focus on low-key work, like researching potential customer demographics, creating verbiage for outreach campaigns, and ensuring your staff is prepared to step up involvement when you’re managing the first few weeks of new parenthood.

Getting Into Routines
You don’t want to go from being 100 percent available to your business to 100 percent radio-silent. Start establishing routines and timetables before your baby’s arrival to make it easier for everyone to adjust going forward. Start delegating tasks and letting other staffers take the lead in some areas, under your supervision. After your child’s arrival, you’ll want to keep that routine-based mentality, especially around sleeping, feeding, and personal care routines. While the schedule won’t always be flawless, it will make a difference in terms of setting expectations and managing time. It will also help you build in personal time for self-care.

Setting the Stage
Getting your home and office prepped for your baby’s arrival will help make the transitions between work and home go smoothly. For example, establish a home office (for when you need it) and outfit your workspace with a travel crib and baby essentials (for when you need to be in the office with your infant in-tow). Also stock up on the latest and greatest baby gear and products, like video baby monitors, self-sealing diaper pails, and baby bottle warmers. Phone apps can also be an asset. Woman’s Day recommends apps designed to serve as night lights, developmental milestone trackers, and apps for safely sharing baby photos and personal data with loved ones.

Welcoming Baby
Even the most dedicated and ambitious parents need family bonding time, and new moms need time to rest and recoup. Resist the urge to jump back into executive mode too fast. Go easy on yourself and enjoy the new bliss a new baby brings. When you are ready to dive back in, do it gradually, and consider working from home, at least part of the time. A reliable child care provider can be an asset, as can a childcare center within close proximity to your home or office. can help you find highly skilled and vetted nannies and babysitters in your area.

Building a business and building a family are wonderful and exciting events. Give each the attention they need and make a commitment to go with the flow. Call in help when necessary and enjoy the benefits of your work, both in your home and your company.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to safely and lovingly handle your newborn, visit StandInBaby.
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