Newborn Photography Tips: Quarantine Edition

Be productive this quarantine! Upskill your Newborn photography using a StandInBaby™.

Take your Newborn photography skill to the next level by learning these tips!

Baby or infant mannequins are not just three-dimensional representations of the human body. They are used today to improve sales by means of visual merchandising. They are becoming a popular tool for increasing sales in the retail and clothing business too! I mean, who wouldn’t love having an infant mannequin cradled by a female mannequin in the maternity or baby supply store? Or a StandInBaby™ mannequin with a male and female mannequin to promote the business’ family collection?

If we consider the study performed by Mordor Intelligence, the global children’s wear market is projected to register a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.76% during the forecast period 2020 -2025, outpacing the womenswear and menswear.

Aside from the fact that visual merchandising is a game-changer in stores nowadays, parents also love to have and keep photos of their babies professionally taken, so which better way than to practice your Newborn photography skills on your StandInBaby™ while you have a lot of time in your hands this quarantine?

Useful Tips for Newborn Photographers This Quarantine

Pro tip: Before and after handling your StandInBaby™, make sure to decontaminate it using at least 75% alcohol solution on a clean, soft cloth. 


  1. Master the “Evolution Wrap,” the StandInBaby™ signature newborn photography wrapping technique
  2. Create new baby poses
  3. Experiment with various themes
  4. Create new family poses by involving your own family!
  5. Create new SIBling poses
  6. Learn how to do composites
  7. Combine SIB with the thousands of already developed online tutorials
  8. Create new wrapping styles
  9. Create new sets
  10. Create new lighting concepts
  11. Edit old session pictures
  12. Create a workflow
  13. Refine your current workflow
  14. Become original and stand out from the crowd
  15. Order props and outfits online for delivery and begin practicing using them on a SIB.
  16. Expand - Come back with a bang!
  17. Build a how-to guide for staff to replicate your style.
  18. Build a step-by-step tutorial of your posing and sell it.
  19. Send your SIB to a potential staff member and make sure they are 100% ready to work when isolation ends.
  20. Get SIB in the hands of current admin or editing staff member and have them learn your role. This way, if you are sick in the future, they can fill in, or if they can return earlier than you, the business can begin earning income again sooner.
  21. Create workshops
  22. Been running the same workshop for years? Create a full new curriculum this quarantine and re-market to all past customers.
  23. Create a 100% hands-on curriculum for one on one or a whole class
  24. Thought of becoming a trainer? Create your curriculum and plan your marketing strategy.
  25. Create a competency-based curriculum. When you return after isolation, your attendees will have to demonstrate their abilities on a SIB before they are approved. They will leave with real hands-on techniques.
  26. Use a SIB to continue workshops to customers who also own SIBS in an online/Skype style format, simulating a shoot and giving feedback on their techniques.
  27. Master all our 76 pages step-by-step posing guides and videos
  28. Take time to watch our 13+ hours of newborn-specific safety tips

Why Use a StandInBaby™ for Your Newborn Photography?

  • The massive advantage of not using a real baby is you can learn all posing steps right down to a T at your own pace this quarantine without having to worry about the fickle schedule of newborns. You can gradually speed up the mastery of our 76 pages step-by-step posing guides like no other newborn training anywhere! You will come out of this quarantine posing and photographing real bubs like a pro!
  • A StandInBaby™ won’t poop, scream, or cry, but they allow what a real baby can’t, which is the opportunity to allow you to practice over and over, to practice at your time and to practice at your speed.
  • You don’t have to worry about social distancing or any other restrictions as you’re practicing on an infant mannequin.
  • You don’t have to deal with the stress of hovering parents mishandling their babies.


Take advantage of the time you have now to upskill your Newborn photography skills, so you are ready when the quarantine is over, and businesses reopen. Remember that you cannot learn everything overnight. Now is the perfect time to add value to your business, and what more? You can access all these tutorials for FREE on our site. Quoting Emmert Wolf: “A man is only as good as his tools.” So, practice, practice, practice! And when this quarantine is over, be ready to take your newborn photography business by the storm!

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