Hear what the medical experts have to say about StandInBaby.

Hear from the Experts ...

The StandInBaby is an excellent teaching and simulation tool which catalyses the knowledge and skills acquisition for medical personnel. Yet, the most important dimension which is improved by this innovative mannikin is safety. Inexperienced medical personnel may find themselves uneasy or unprepared in handling newborns. This confers a risk of injury to the vulnerable baby, and may perpetuate a vicious cycle of anxiety and fear in the handler. Because babies are moving targets, and are often in distress – the posing of the baby requires careful attention and meticulous application of the correct amount of force to ensure that the target (vein, lumbar space, or urethra) is well-defined and devoid of movement.

Dr. Joel Arun

MBBS, National University of Singapore, 2014

Hear from the Experts ...

“Having health professionals, photographers, young parents and others using a StandInBaby™ in training would be fantastic and realistically save some infants from unnecessary trauma to the neck and brachial plexus. The life-like head and limb joints of the SIB make it unique and are just weighted perfectly – especially as infants don’t have head control until around 4 months. The StandInBaby™ reflects this perfectly.” I would wholeheartedly recommend SIB as a teaching tool and also to have in clinics where handling of infants and exercises for infants (and young parents) may be demonstrated.

The Headache & Migraine Clinic

Adam Atherton

Principal Director