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Duel Ball Joint

Our unique duel ball joint allows StandInBaby® to remain limp but restrict at the right times. 

Quality Materials

StandInBaby® is made from high quality, durable materials including stainless steel and wipe clean silicone.

Modular Design

Our modular design allows interchangeable parts as our product range grows. 


Ball Joint

Key Features

50cm tall

Stainless Steel Ball joints

Floppy like a sleeping baby

Durable. Wipe clean surface

Thread locking compound. Ensuring no chocking hazards

Accurate wrist articulation

50cm tall

Stainless Steel Ball Joints

Floppy like a sleeping baby

Accurate wrist articulation

Unique ball joint technology

Accurate ankle articulation

Head requires full support

Head / Neck has a true-to-life range of motion

Thread locking compound. Ensuring no choking hazards

Weight within the 50th percentile

Durable. Wipe clean surface

*reference http://www.who.int/childgrowth/en

Unique ball joint technology

Weight within the50th percentile

Accurate ankle articulation

Head requires full support

Head / Neck has a true-to-life range of motion


Heath & Education

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As photographers we aren't necessarily experts on newborns health, but working with newborns means that we should always have access to the latest information.

So in an effort to keep our littlest clients safe we have created a  Photorum (Photography Forum)  that connects Health Care Professionals directly with Newborn Photographers.

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StandInBaby Products

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StandInBaby® Ambassadors

Meet our incredibly talented StandInBaby Ambassadors from around the world.

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Shark Tank
SStandInBaby on Shark Tank

Hear from the Experts ...

“Having health professionals, photographers, young parents and others using a StandInBaby® in training would be fantastic and realistically save some infants from unnecessary trauma to the neck and brachial plexus. The life-like head and limb joints of the SIB make it unique and are just weighted perfectly – especially as infants don’t have head control until around 4 months. The StandInBaby® reflects this perfectly.” I would wholeheartedly recommend SIB as a teaching tool and also to have in clinics where handling of infants and exercises for infants (and young parents) may be demonstrated.

The Headache & Migraine Clinic

Adam Atherton
Principal / Director

“This has been the greatest tool so far!”

~ Teresa Compton Arthur


“I had my first run with them this week and I have to say, any doubts I had on my purchase are completely erased.”

~ Zoe Hiigli


“Best investment ever!”

~ Sherry Blend Ibanez


“What you can achieve with SIB is beyond amazing, superbly crafted and thought out – a real investment”

~ Helen Stuart-Hill

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Newborn Photography Safety Education

Written in conjunction with healthcare professionals.

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