SIB’s first outing

We are unbelievably excited knowing we are on track to receive our 3 production prototypes on the 27th of November, we just can’t wait. Between organising our sneak peak event, searching for the most cost effective shipping, packaging, replying to all the enquiries, completing the website, writing up our script, organising the video and everything else that comes with a Kickstarter campaign, we have managed to organise SIB’s very first outing.

We were speaking to a local upcoming photographer Jamie Szafranski Peters from Kaperture Photography and decided to offer her our 3D printed StandInBaby® prototype for 3 days and get her feedback. It is one thing having experienced photographers tell us SIB will be perfect but we were curios to hear what Jamie, an inexperienced newborn photographer had to say.

From our side of things it is quite nerve racking handing over a prototype, not just because it is the only one in the world and is 2 years worth of hard work lol, but because the 3D printed version is far from what the production model will be. It was like showing a straight out of camera image for the first time to a photographer you have been idolising your whole carrier.


Here’s what Jamie had to say about StandInBaby…

“Using SIB for the first time was very exciting! It gave me the confidence and ability to learn different poses without having to worry about the realism of an actual baby. As I kept practicing with SIB, the more assured I felt with the fundamentals of posing a newborn safely. With its life like body I could easily practice holding a newborn , wrapping a newborn and changing poses easily and carefully. Just after 3 days of playing with SIB I was able to get “hands under chin” and “hands up” poses on a client’s baby with confidence. SIB allows you to master poses so you can focus more on baby’s temperament and settling the baby rather than having the added stress on not knowing if you’ll get the posing right. SIB not only allowed me to practice posing but gave me a better understanding of placement and lighting. Having SIB is essential to practicing newborn safety and is a great asset for any photographer dealing with babies and kids.”


  1. deejay on November 17, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    This is so fantastic! Can hardly wait to own my very own!

    • Brendon Moffatt on November 18, 2015 at 12:02 am

      We hear you deejay 🙂

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