StandInBaby Quarantine

infant care simulation mannequin

Newborn Photography Tips: Quarantine Edition Be productive this quarantine! Upskill your Newborn photography using a StandInBaby™. May 19, 2020 Baby or infant mannequins are not just three-dimensional representations of the human body. They are used today to improve sales by means of visual merchandising. They are becoming a popular tool for increasing sales in the…

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Positional Asphyxiation

Positional Asphyxiation baby facts

  Title June 6, 2018 Did you know? Babies are quite different to adults, this includes the way they breathe. Babies breathe through their nose unless they are crying, and are more prone to positional asphyxiation due to their under-developed airways. When working with babies, it is important to understand these differences so we can…

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