Health Experts compare StandInBaby

We asked leading health care experts to review and compare StandInBaby® for training and educational purposes.

We asked experts from various professional fields to compare and review the StandInBaby® mannequin with a soft silicone doll and a foam filled doll.  Each was asked for their professional opinion on which mannequin or doll was best suited solely for the purposes of professional training and education.

They were given time prior to filming to discover the key features, as well as the pros and cons of each product prior to making their professional on camera recommendations.

Our health care experts were not paid or prompted in anyway.  Below are their professional thoughts....


The StandInBaby® educational training mannequin (above) compared to a foam filled doll (middle) and a soft silicone doll (far right).


Naomi Drew, a qualified, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a registered nurse with post-graduate certification in neonatal care.  I have been a nurse for over 14 years, a decade of those working with mothers and babies in hospital NICUs. We thank Naomi for her time and generosity in providing a comparison review.

Ben Ludlow from Integral Acupuncture is an expert in female health, pregnancy care, birth induction and post natal care.  We thank him for his time and generosity in providing a comparison review.

Kathy Armstrong has 35 years of experience and is a longstanding member of the Australian Physiotherapy association, previously serving as the Vice president of the Queensland branch and been awarded the President’s annual award for service to the Physiotherapy association. We would like to thank Kathy for her time and generosity in providing a comparison review.

Feedback from the Experts

The soft silicone doll

The most concerning comments made by our experts were how unhygienic the soft silicone doll was.   It's dirt attracting surface made it impossible to clean between uses, making it an unlikely candidate for professional use.

Our experts found it difficult to accurately demonstrate positional poses and holds on the soft silicone doll because it kept "springing back" to it's original position. This was more noticeable in positions that required head articulation or more than one limb to to be held in place at a time (ie. demonstrating the recovery position).  They also disliked it's ability to unrealistically stretch and bend in any direction but did comment on it's realistic weight and looks but felt these features alone weren't enough for the soft silicone doll to be considered an appropriate tool for accurately demonstrating holds and positions.


The foam filled doll

With it's lack of head control, super light body and ability to bend in all directions, none of our experts thought that our "off the shelf" foam filled doll was appropriate for use in a professional setting.

The experts again had concerns regarding hygiene with this product but considered that it may be machine washable? And liked that the hard surfaces could be wiped clean between uses.

Our lactation consultant and registered neonatal nurse, Naomi Drew liked that she could turn the head of this doll but disliked it's inability to demonstrate a correct hold or feeding position to a parent.


The StandInBaby® Mannequin

Our experts loved the StandInBaby® mannequins range of movement and life-like feel.  They felt that it was durable and favoured it's ability to be wiped clean after every use.

Ben Ludlow from Integral Acupuncture commented that while the other dolls did have some good features, there is, "nothing that isn't done by StandInBaby® and done better."


Features Comparision Table

Based on feedback from leading heath care experts.

FeaturesStandInBaby®Soft Silicone DollFoam Filled Doll
Realisitc looksSemi realisticRealisticUnrealistic
Realisitc movementsYesNoNo
Wipe clean, hygienic surfaceYesNoNo
Commercial grade constructionYesNoNo
Requires head supportYesYesNo
Realistic head/neck articualtion YesNoNo
Realisitc weightYes YesNo
Moveable jointsYesNoNo


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