StandInBaby chats with Craig Zonca and Rebecca Levingston from ABC Radio


What a privilege it was be invited to talk to these 2 incredible people.

We had so much fun watching Craig Zonca learn how to hold a baby but enjoyed how at-ease Rebecca Levingston was as she rocked back and forth and patted SIBs bottom.  Listen to the full recording below.

On Breakfast with Craig Zonca and Rebecca Levingston for ABC Radio Brisbane

You may remember them as the couple who caused Shark Tank's Steve Baxter to storm off set recently when they rejected his offer.

Sandra and Brendon Moffatt from Springfield were busy running their own newborn baby photography business when they came up with the idea to design a world-first baby mannequin that helped them safely practise poses.

There babies were so lifelike even the Sharks called them 'creepy' but now this couple is set to take the US medical market by storm.

They dropped by and spoke with Craig and Bec about their invention!

Duration: 10min 40sec


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